8th January 2015 Boston
We gave Eden - Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour a day out on her own to Boston and were over the moon when she won Limit Bitch and later her first CC under judge Nina Lönner Andersson. Potterdale Harrier At Otterswish was Best Puppy Dog.

17th January 2015 Manchester Dog Show Society
Sheila Burditt returned to England from her home in Spain to judge at Manchester and we were thrilled when she awarded Russell CH Potterdale Platinum Plus Dog CC and BOB. Russell put in a good performance and won Group 4 under Liz Cartledge. Potterdale Harrier At Otterswish won Best Puppy Dog. Ably handled by owner Chris Hardy.

6th March 2015 CRUFTS
At Crufts CH Potterdale Prodigy 'Charlie' made a rare apperence in his first ever Veteran Dog Class. He had learnt to behave by the time he was 8 years and showed beautifully to Veteran Dog and then the RCC under judge Wendy Hines. Mike showed Eden - Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour and won Limit Bitch.

28th March 2015 Scottish Breeds
At our next show, were Russel, CH Potterdale Platinum Plus impressed Tina Cantand won the Dog CC. We were thrilled of here critique:

I liked him as soon as I saw him in the line up, and when he moved I was not disappointed. His type and shape took me back 25 years (gave me goose bumps!), his head and expression spoke to my heart of true beardie type, his proportions, size, substance, angulation and spring of rib all combined to shape a dog that fits my ideal beardie type. His movement was effortless and smooth, precise and true coming and going, no plaiting or toeing out from this boy, his top-line held firm, his pace measured and unhurried. Still a young dog at just over 2yrs, reflected in his as yet unfinished coat, which held him back from BOB.

6th April 2015 Eastern Bearded Collie Association
Decided to give Russell a rest for the day and just took Eden - Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour. Absolutley thrilled when she won her class and followed this by winning her second CC under judge Alan Stevens.

17th April The NCBCC Regional Specialty Show USA
BISS GrCh Potterdale Jubilee Diamond OAJ RE HT NW1 'Scarlett' and her owner Casey Minner won BOB under breed judge Yvonne Fox. We are absolutely thrilled with the success that Casey has had with Russell's sister Scarlett in the USA.


24th April 2015 West of England Ladies Kennel Society
CH Potterdale Platinum Plus won RDCC under Robin Newhouse.

30th May Österbybruk, Sweden
MULTICH Potterdale Golddust
with impressive titles Swedish, Danish, Norwegian & Finnish Champion, Norwegian Winner 2011, Nordic Junior Winner 2011, Swedish Winner 2013 and C.I.B. won Best Dog. Thank you to owner Charlotte Sandberg for showing Brian so beautifully and congratulations on all his wins.
It's lovely another Potterdale Beardie winning so well Scarlett BISS GCH Potterdale Jubilee Diamond OAJ RE HT NW1 VA has both beauty and brain.
3rd July Windsor

Russell, CH Potterdale Platinum Plus was thrilled to win a huge Open Dog Class at Windsor followed by the CC and stunning critique:
I would say gold & diamonds as well, what a beautiful dog. His quality shines out not only in his construction but in his excellent coat & show condition, not an ounce of flab, so well muscled throughout. Excellent front, deep chest & well sprung ribs, excellent neck & shoulders with good lay back & correct upper arm. Broad flat skull, expression to die for under well arched brow (something missing a lot these days) good length of muzzle & well defined underjaw. He is so well balanced & this shows on the move where he covered the ground with easy gait with little effort. I was honoured to award him the CC.

Sincere thanks to judge Stella Clark.

11th July National Working & Pastoral Breeds
We had a lovely day where Russell CH Potterdale Platinum Plus won another RCC under judge Cath Ryan.
12th July Peterborough
We did not attend East of England personally but would like to congratulate Barbara Goodyer on winning a strong Junior Class with Potterdale Parula
26th July Leeds
After arriving late at Leeds due to very heavy traffic Russell CH Potterdale Platinum Plus still had settled to win the CC under judge Gill Burfitt.
1st August Midshires Bearded Collie Club
Russell, CH Potterdale Platinum Plus putting his best foot forward at Midshire.
3rd August Paignton
One day's rest and another show. At Paignton Russell again won the CC. This was his 10th ticket. We very especially pleased as he was also Best of Breed. Judge Jeff Luscott.
1st October Driffield
It was a wonderful day for Potterdale! Our beautiful Eden, Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour won her third CC and became a champion on the day. Russell, CH Potterdale Platinum Plus won the dog CC and the beat Eden (ably handled by Alison) for Best of Breed. Sincerely thanks to judge Frances Chapman-King for awarding us the double.
9th October South Wales
Our next show was a great success where Russell - CH Potterdale Platinum Plus again won the Dog CC and then Best of Breed under Albert Wight. He then followed this by winning Pastoral Group 1 under Tegwyn Jones. We returned to the show to compete in the finals on Sunday and were thrilled to win Reserve Best in Show under Stuart Plane. Thanks Albert for this lovely critique: one of the best I have seen from this world famous affix for some time. I think he is a top class example of the breed, I love his head & expression, length/height proportions must just about be spot on, coat & body impeccable & he moved around the ring with a light, ground covering stride. It was a delight to watch him with the group & then to learn on my return home that he had won RBIS. Congratulations Potterdale.
October, USA
AM CH Potterdale Jubilee Diamond - Scarlett made us immensely proud by winning Best in Show at BCCA 2015 National Specialty. An amazing achievement!
Congratulations Casey and Scarlett!

7th November Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland

Our dreams came true when Russell won his first BEST IN SHOW!


Our long drive to Scotland was rewarded with Russell winning his 13th CC and BOB under judge Keith Derry. He the won the Pastoral Grup followed by Best in Show under judge Albert Wight. The journey home did not seem so long ;o)

5th December Bearded Collie Championship Show

The Bearded Collie Club Show was an exciting and fun day for us. Russell's puppies from Roxy were very successful. Misty - Potterdale Platinum Star won Best puppy bitch and Oliver - Potterdale Potential won best puppy dog and they had to compete for Best Puppy in Show and on the referee's decision Misty was the winner.

Charlie - Potterdale Prodigy on his first outing since Crufts won a strong veteran dog class and was best Veteran Dog.

Eden came along for her Champion celebration and we raised a glass with Angelique and Ben, Segull and enjoyed the cake.



20th December

We are very proud indeed that Russell is Top Dog on BCX for the second year!