CH Potterdale Prophet
The UK's top dog all breeds in 2000
42 CC's ~ 40 BOB's
Crufts Group winner 1999 & 2000
Multiple Best in show wins
d.o.b. 25/12/1994
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CH Potterdale Prelude
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Rudi wining his first Pastoral group at Birmingham under Jack Bispham
with the TV celebrity Peter Purvis.

Once in every life there comes a Time

The old year was ending the day was important in the annuals of Beardies, it was Christmas day 1994 born to Psalm and William a Brown dog called Rudi named as a tribute to the Reindeers that roam the sky’s with joyfulness and goodwill at this time of year.
We had no idea how wonderful he would be and what adventures he would take us on in the years to come.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

He blossomed in time and matured like fine wine into the most magnificent dog and companion you could ever wish for.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

He strutted his stuff with great aplomb his sagacity sublime for all to see, taking on all comers in the rings of competition, not often beaten and never undone.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

As the years slipped by he grew old but not frail, he still had charisma and a beautiful smile, his soft brown eyes twinkling when you mentioned his name.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

Suddenly from behind life’s veil he became old and frail, he would watch and blink then turn and acknowledge with that knowing look and handsome glance, just checking to make sure you were still there.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

Then came the day we all resisted how do you decide after all these years that once in every life it’s Rudi’s time, on 21st February 2009 he joined his illustrious friends on a timeless journey with the Reindeers still beside him guiding him as in life to a new adventure with all his life’s shadows falling behind.
“Our beautiful brown dog called Rudi”.

It’s Time
Mike Lewis

not to be copied without permission of the author Mike Lewis

Rudi age 13½ years. He could still mate a bitch, at least he thinks so.
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