CH Potterdale Privilege
Breed Record Holder with 43 CC's
d.o.b. 09/04/1986
CH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale Wishanger Buttertubs Pass By Quinbury Wishanger Cairngarroch
Wishanger Creeping Tansy
Pepperland Pandamonium CH Davealex Royle Brigadier
Pepperland Osmart Bronze Pandora
CH Potterdale Persuasion CH Orora's Frank CH Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid
CH Mignonette Of Willowmead At Orora
CH Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale CH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
CH Dutch Bonnet Of Willowmead
Champions sired by GBCH Potterdale Privilege
AMCH Chriscaro Call To The Piper
GBCH Potterdale Elegance At Runiva
SUCH NUCH Potterdale Enchanter
ZIMCH Barkly Baroque Of Westmilwunda
GBCH Winaria Welltravelled
NORDUCH Potterdale Duty Free
AMCH Breaksea Chase The Dragon
IRCH Potterdale Patrick
AMCH Marshfen Mountain Breeze
CANCH Potterdale Classic Gold
AMCH Marshfen Buccaneer