GBCH Blumberg Hadriana of Potterdale

sire Blumberg De Roos Erasmus
dame Chloe Of Blumberg

d.o.b d.o.b. 09/03/1977

AMCH CANCH Potterdale Paris
GBCH Potterdale Byron
GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
NORDUCH INTUCH Potterdale Final Choice
CH Potterdale Double Dutch
AMCH CANCH Potterdale Double Image
DtCH VDH INTUCH Potterdale Double Diamond
DKUCH WW-89 NUCH Potterdale Double Delight
DKUCH Potterdale Double Destiny

GBCH Tamevally Easter Song of Potterdale

sire GBCH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
dame GBCH Dutch Bonnet Of Willowmead

d.o.b. 25/01/1978

GBCH Potterdale Serenade
GBCH Potterdale Classic Of Moonhill
GBCH Potterdale Symphony

GBCH Potterdale Prelude

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale

d.o.b. 04/09/1981

AUSTCH Potterdale Pandora
AUSTCH Potterdale Mandate
GBCH Potterdale Just William
DKUCH DtCH VDH INTUCH Potterdale Calamity
AMCH CANCH Potterdale Prosperity
AMCH CANCH Potterdale Priority
SUCH NUCH Potterdale Enchanter
GBCH Potterdale Elegance At Runival
DKUCH KBHV-93 INTUCH Potterdale Equality
NORDUCH INTUCH WW-94 Potterdale Dignity
CANCH AMCH FINUCH ESTCH Potterdale Celebrity

GBCH Potterdale Persuasion

sire GBCH Orora's Frank
dame GBCH Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale

d.o.b. 06/11/1983

AMCH Potterdale Pretender
SUCH NUCH Potterdale Selection
GBCH Potterdale Premonition
GBCH Potterdale Passion
FCH Potterdale Fatal Attraction Of Sammara
SUCH Potterdale Fascination
CH Potterdale Proud Percy
DKUCH Potterdale Blue Denim

Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

sire GBCH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
dame GBCH Gillaber Highland Lament


GBCH Potterdale Highland Meadow Of Latchmead
CH Potterdale Ashley
FINUCH EUJV-91 Potterdale Anniversary
DKCH INTUCH KBHV-94 NUCH NV-93 SUCH Potterdale Ambassador
GBCH Potterdale Preclusion
NORDUCH INTUCH SV-95 Potterdale Illusion
GERCH EUW-94 Potterdale Defusion
DtJCH Potterdale Confusion
NUCH SUCH Potterdale Virginia
AMCH Potterdale Huck Finn

GBCH Potterdale Personality

sire GBCH Coalacre Curiosity
dame GBCH Potterdale Prelude

d.o.b 21/11/1986

INTUCH Potterdale Picardie
DKUCH KBHV-95 Potterdale Prospect
GBCH Potterdale Phorget Me Not
SUCH Potterdale Kandy
AMCH Potterdale Kalkulated Risk
GERCH Potterdale Piccadilly
NZCH Potterdale Partisan
GBCH Potterdale Birthday Belle Of Runival
AMCH Potterdale Dignitary
AMCH Potterdale Charisma
FINUCH Potterdale Character

GBCH Potterdale Psalm

sire Potterdale Anderson At Ramsgrove
dame GBCH Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale

d.o.b 12/02/1987

GERCH Potterdale Solomon
NORDUCH Potterdale Duty Free
DKUCH Potterdale Dawn Chorus
AMCH Potterdale Noel
AMCH Potterdale Micklemass

Potterdale Pollyanna

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Potterdale Persuasion

d.o.b 17/06/1989

GBCH Potterdale Chancellor
NORDUCH NORDV-97 Potterdale Exellence
CH Potterdale Pacifico
GBCH Potterdale Anna-Belle
AMCH Potterdale Inspiration

Potterdale Pasadena

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

d.o.b 01/05/1993

SUCH DKUCH INTUCH Potterdale Adelaide