Champions sired by Potterdale dogs living in the rest of the world

AMCH CANCH Potterdale Paris

sire GBCH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
dame Blumberg Hadriana At Potterdale

d.o.b. 12/02/1983
ownned by Bea and Kevin Sawka, Classical, Canada

AMCH Classical Custom Design
CANCH AMCH Classical's Paris Original
AMCH Crisch Kringle At Parcana
CANCH Classical Paris Knight
CH Classical Angel On Parade
AMCH Classical Achates On Parade
AMCH Classical Jazz On Parade
CANCH AMCH Bedlam's Landslide
CH Bedlam's Classical Lyric
AMCH Dolinbrook's Go For The Gold
AMCH Crisch Midnight Crystal Mist
CANCH Classical Shadow Dancer
AMCH Classical Precious Gold
AMCH Classical Custom Design

AUSTCH Potterdale Mandate

sire Pepperland Andy Panda At Ramsgrove
dame GBCH Potterdale Prelude

d.o.b. 21/02/1986

NZCH AUSTCH Menander Lucky Strike
AUSTCH Eskydon Celtic Heir
AUSTCH Sohna Bonny Braid

AMCH CANCH Potterdale Double Image

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia at Potterdale

d.o.b. 21/02/1986
ownned by Bea and Kevin Sawka, Classical, Canada

CANCH Skimmerhorn's Fabulous Fergie
AMCH Pinewood Darker Image
AMCH Patrizja's Bold And Beautiful
AMCH Mardeck's Just Call Me Sir
AMCH Crisch Capital Idea
AMCH Classical Tuxedo Magal
CH Classical On The Spot
AMCH CANCH Classical Jazzman
AMCH Broadmead Sir Lawrence Royal
AMCH Broadmead Ailin Tobermory
AMCH Brightwood Heirloom
AMCH Bramley's Raggety Andy
AMCH Amberlea Power Play
AMCH CANCH Amberlea Sharper Image
AMCH Britannia Sergeant Pepper
CH Giggleswick Great Gatsby
CANCH AMCH Britannia Ticket To Ride
AMCH Windfiddler's Bound To Be A Star
AMCH Whistlewalks Dirty Dancing
AMCH CANCH Classical Guess Who
AMCH Merlin's Ides Of March
CANCH AMCH Bedlam Buaidh Xerox Copy T.T.
AMCH Somerset Bright Spirit
AMCH Classical Image Of Acclaim
AMCH Crisch Bill O'rites
AMCH CANCH Classical Rock Steady
AMCH Pinewood Sheiling's Shepherd
AMCH Absolut Wigglesworth
AMCH Windfiddler's Best Of Times
AMCH Crisch Double O'seven
FINUCH Memorylane Mapleleaf Magic
AMCH CANCH Classical Image Of A Legend
CANCH Classical Serenity Warrior
AMCH Classical Break It To 'Em Gently
AMCH Ragtyme Simply Spectacular
AMCH Ragtyme Doubly Smashing
CANCH Madigan's Let Me Entertain You
CANCH Madigan's Don't Stop Me Now
AMCH Classical Bramley's Mad Hatter
AMCH Briarpatch Double Trouble Bear
CANCH AUSTCH Classical Written In The Stars
AMCH CANCH Classical Couldn't Resist
AMCH Windfiddler's Best Shot
CANCH Skimmerhorn's Wagabond Delite
AMCH Pinewood Midnight Misty Image
AMCH Pennyroyal Spectacular Bid
AMCH Genie's Makin Memories
AMCH CANCH Classical Play A Rhapsody
AMCH Cameron's Highland Nellie
AMCH Brightwood Thea At Inverness
AMCH Amberlea La Mirage
AMCH Britannia Love Me Do
AMCH Britannia Double D
AMCH Britannia Ain't She Sweet
AMCH Windfiddler's Newest Star
CANCH AMCH Classical Dreamfinder
AUSTCH Classical Double Fantasy
CANCH Madigan's Born For Adventure
AMCH Somerset Yours To Discover
AMCH Crisch Stars And Stripes
AMCH Crisch Miss Liberty
AMCH Crisch Kiss Me Kate
AMCH Pinewood Devil In Disguise
CANCH Madigan's Serenity
CANCH Classical Windfiddler Dizzol
AMCH Crisch Toast Of California
AMCH Crisch Double Fox
FINUCH Memorylane Material Girl
CH Classical Tradition
AMCH Dunrobin Micla Amberwavsograin
CANCH Classical Rocks This Town
CANCH AMCH Classical Double Trouble
AMCH Highlander Double Enchanted
AMCH Briarpatch Wayward Lass
AMCH Briarpatch Double Trouble
AMCH Briarpatch Comet Over Paladia
AMCH CANCH Classical Timeless Love
CANCH AMCH Classical Movie Star
AMCH Broadmead True Heart

AMCH Potterdale Pretender

sire GBCH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
dame GBCH Potterdale Persuasion

d.o.b. 09/04/1986

AMCH Ha'penny Victoria Breezydale
AMCH Ha'penny Staysall Jt
AMCH Ha'penny Seabreez Maximus
AMCH Ha'penny Bootiff Futa
AMCH Ha'penny Bootiff Albert
AMCH Bootiff Hapenny North Wind
AMCH Ha'penny Rhythm 'N Blues
AMCH Ha'penny Carob Rigbey
AMCH Ha'penny Bardmoor Melba Toast
AMCH Ha'penny Mirimar Deux B Deux
AMCH Ha'penny Thistledown Paladin
AMCH Ha'penny Bootiff Venticella
AMCH Ha'penny Silver Blue    

AMCH CANCH Potterdale Priority

sire GBCH Coalacre Curiosity
dame GBCH Potterdale Prelude

d.o.b. 06/03/1987

AMCH Windfiddler's Desperado
AMCH Dunhill Dynamite
AMCH Dunhill Dream Come True
AMCH Classical Rudy Huxtable
AMCH Classical Super Nova
AMCH Ashberry Debut At Hollybush
AMCH Sheiling D' Arque Sands
AUSTCH Classical D'arque Victory
AMCH Windfiddler's Tequila Sunrise
AMCH Ha'penny Dunhill Cinnamon
AMCH CANCH Dunhill Thane Of Komorr
AMCH Brynaire Brookwood Cromberry

AMCH Potterdale Kalkulated Risk

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Potterdale Personality

d.o.b. 27/02/1991
owned by Cindy & Rod Alspaugh, Stonebay, USA

AMCH Meadows Encore
AMCH Fox Lane's Proper English
AMCH D'arbonne Blue Chip Stock
AMCH Fox Lane's Optimistic Risk
CANCH Fox Lane's Forever More
AMCH Meadows Excaliber
AMCH Fox Lane's Perpetual Motion
AMCH Tseyi Navajo Wind Dancer
AMCH Tseyi Cherokee Spirit Walker
AMCH Fivefields Taran Glas
AMCH CANCH Shanaspree Triple Crown
AMCH Donbarlen's Duncan Macleod
AMCH Tseyi's Teddy Bear Blue

AMCH Tseyi Navajo Wind Dancer
AMCH Tseyi Cherokee Spirit Walker

AMCH Donbarlen's Bannoch Tail's End
AMCH Stonebay 'N Fox Lane High Tech
AMCH Stonebay 'N Fox Lane High Gear
AMCH Fox Lane’s O Boy

AMCH Meadows Entertainer
AMCH Meadows Entertainer

AMCH Five Fields J.P.'s R.O.I.

AMCH Meadows Just The One
AMCH Stonebay Fox Lane Just So Wilde

AMCH Potterdale Huck Finn

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

d.o.b. 01/05/1993
Owned by Judith LeRoy USA

AMCH Shanaspree Blizzard Gone West
AMCH Shanaspree Snodrift O' Duinnin
AMCH Shanaspree Snopack Gone West
AMCH Shanaspree Snow Storm

NZCH Potterdale Partisan

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame GBCH Potterdale Personality

d.o.b. 02/04/1994
owned by Pam Douglas, New Zealand

NZCH Llanddona Lavender Blue
NZCH Llanddona Love Song
NZCH Llanddona Charlie Brown
NZCH Llanddon Fire 'N Ice at Ukulunga

AMCH Potterdale Micklemass

sire GBCH Potterdale Just William
dame GBCH Potterdale Psalm

d.o.b. 25/12/1994
owned by Sharon Ipser, Lynn Zagarella, Nona Albarano, USA

AMCH Wigglesworth Easter Lilly
AMCH Fantasy's Touched By An Angel
AMCH Beau Chien Montana On My Mind
AMCH Ragtyme Truly Smashing
AMCH Ragtyme Simply The Best
AMCH Ragtyme Simply Showing Off
AMCH Ragtyme Absolutely Smashing
AMCH Wigglesworth Starburst
AMCH Beau Chien Razzle Dazzle
AMCH Beau Chien Parcana Black Berri

AMCH Potterdale Dignitary

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame GBCH Potterdale Personality

d.o.b. 17/05/1995
owned by Ray Harrington & Nona Albarano, USA

AMCH Dunhill Special Edition
AMCH Dunhill Petey Frankem
AMCH Dunhill Louie To Life Lchalm
AMCH Dunhill Creme De Cocoa
AMCH Dunhill Bubba Louie Ka-Blue