Champions sired by Potterdale dogs living in Europe


sire GBCH Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
dame GBCH Blumberg Hadriana At Potterdale

d.o.b. 12/02/1983
owned by Maine Lundell, Farmarens, Sweden

NORDUCH INTUCH Farmarens Penelope Pale Blue
SUCH Farmarens Pennies From Heaven
INTUCH NORDUCH FINUCH SV-92 SV-93 FINV-97 NORDV-97 Farmarens Evening Eureka
DKUCH Farmarens Black Elisabetan Serenade
LP SLCH SUCH Farmarens Gisella Sand
SUCH Blomsjöns Felixbrown

PLCH DKCH INTCH Igor's Jennie The Blue


Potterdale Late Arrival

sire Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove
dame GBCH Blumberg Hadriana of Potterdale

d.o.b. 29/03/1985
owned by Kristina Nyström, Classic Line's, Sweden

SUCH Quarry's Brown Belladonna
SUCH Classic Line's Born To Beauty
SUCH Yrvädrets Famous-Grouse

DtCH VDH INTCH Potterdale Double Diamond

sire Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove
dame GBCH Blumberg Hadriana of Potterdale

d.o.b. 21/02/1986
owned by Uta Poltavic

DtCH VDH Fortune's Favourite Angus
CH Sunday Mornings Noble-Neville
HCH Double Scotch Black Antonius
GERCH Double Scotch Black Antoanett
HCH Double Scotch Blue April
HCH INTUCH Double Scotch Blue Aegean Sea
CH Woolly Pad's Joy And Pride
GERCH August The Joybringer
CH Impression Des Monts De Gatine
DtjCH Illusion Des Monts De Gatine
DtCH VDHCH Fantastic Floyd The Joybringer
DTjCH Famous Fenja The Joybringer
GERCH VDH INTCH Drover's Lane Buttertubs
GERJCH Drover's Lane Bittersweet Symphonie
SPCH INTCH Woolly Pad's Heartbreaker

Potterdale Playboy

sire GBCH Potterdale Philanderer
dame Potterdale Promise

d.o.b. 17/11/1987
owned by Christel Smedberg, Magicbrook, Sweden

SUCH Magicbrook Pep Talk
SUCH SV-91 NUCH INTUCH Magicbrook Pretty Maid
SUCH SLCH Magicbrook Piece Of Cake
NUCH Fable's Fendi Gdt

SUCH NUCH Potterdale Selection

sire AMCH CANCH GBCH Sammara Standing Ovation
dame GBCH Potterdale Persuasion

d.o.b. 02/06/1988
owned by Maine Lundell, Farmarens, Sweden

SUCH NUCH Farmarens Impossible Mission
SUCH Farmarens Inside Information
SUCH Farmarens Order Of Merit
SUCH Fjällglimtens Bellami
SUCH NUCH Fjällglimtens Brie-N-Biscuit
SUCH Beardcaper's Private Dancer

DKUCH Potterdale Blue Denim

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Potterdale Persuasion

d.o.b. 17/06/1989
owned by Connie Nielsen, Sheepish, Denmark

DKUCH NUCH Sheepish's Queens Courier
DKUCH INTUCH Sheepish's Ultra Delight
DKUCH Hoggy's Black Asterix
DKUCH Wipster's Delicious Design
NUCH Twinklestar's Amadeus Mozart

DKUCH INTUCH KBHV-94 NUCH NV-93 SUCH Potterdale Ambassador

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

d.o.b. 31/05/1990
owned by Tove Olsen, Twinklestar's, Norway

NORDUCH FINUCH Twinklestar's Winter Welkin
NUCH Twinklestar's Winter-Quarters
NUCH DKUCH Twinklestar's Just A Little Roumour
NUCH La-Faja's Dance With A Stranger
NUCH La-Faja's Don Dario Fo
DKUCH Acorn's Midsummer Dream
MULTICH Beardcaper's Yes Sir I Can Boogie
NORDUCH INTUCH NORDV-96 Twinklestar's Sheepish's Angie
NUCH Gordons Sweet Georgia Brown
NUCH DKUCH Gordons Armani
SUCH Woolpack's Mulberry Pie
NUCH Ramzo's Sleepy Snoopy
NUCH Angie's Attractive
NUCH SUCH Angie's Admixture
NUCH Angie's Ability

INTUCH NORDUCH WW-94 Potterdale Dignity

sire GBCH Coalacre Curiosity
dame GBCH Potterdale Prelude

d.o.b. 20/07/1990
owned by Hilde Didriksen, Certified, Norway

NUCH Libby's Dancing Queen
NUCH SUCH NV-92 Libby's Take A Chance On Me
SUCH NUCH Lärkängen's Shiney-Angel
NUCH Elektra Da Mia Cuccia
NUCH Certified Caveman
NUCH Certified Crying Out Loud
NUCH Certified Covergirl
NUCH Certified Copyright
NUCH SUCH Certified Comeback
NORDUCH INTUCH Certified Causing A Commotion
SUCH Trollflöjtens Pomp And Circumstance

DKUCH INTUCH KBHV-93 Potterdale Equality

sire GBCH Coalacre Curiosity
dame GBCH Potterdale Prelude

d.o.b. 20/07/1990
owned by Bente Hansen, Wipster's, Denmark

DtCH VDH Downtown's Amy
HJCH Double Scotch Blue Forget-Me-Not
RUSCH INTUCH Double Scotch Blue Filmstar
HCH Double Scotch Blue Fan Fan
GERCH HCH INTUCH Double Scotch Black Falconer
MULTICH Hulaj Dusza Cud Nad Wisla At Tapis

DKUCH KBHV-95 Potterdale Prospect

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Potterdale Personality

d.o.b. 27/02/1991
owned by Bente Hansen, Wipster's, Denmark

FINUCH Wipster's Fleet-Footed
DKUCH FINUCH Markdale's Classic Choice
DKUCH Markdale's Chief Of Chippendale
DKUCH Wipster's High Light
DKUCH Wipster's Join The Game

DtJCH Potterdale Confusion

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

d.o.b. 26/09/1991
owned by Susanne Langhorst, Scottsdale, Germany

GERCH Scottsdale Ambassador
GERCH VDHCH Scottsdale Alchimist
DtCH VDH Scottsdale Advocate
BCH LUXCH INTCH Cairnbraid Tayannfawn
MULTICH Amorous Sarah Old Tapis
DtJCH Low-Pep Amara
DtJCH Black Power-Play Of Gentry Globetrotters
MULTICH Scottsdale Esquire
DtCH VDH INTCH Drover's Lane Curiosity
AMCH Drover's Lane Catriona
FJCH Remake The Casting Des Monts De Gatine

NORDUCH INTUCH SW-95 Potterdale Illusion

sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia at Potterdale

d.o.b. 26/09/1991
owned by Johan Andersson & Nina Lönner-Andersson, Alistair's, Sweden

SUCH Quarry's Flashy Fleur
SUCH Hillbacka Negativ-Noak
SUCH Fashionpack's Breakpoint
SUCH Fashionpack's Breaking Every Rule
SUCH Artix Naughty Nikita
SUCH Old Smuggler's High Hopes
SUCH Old Smuggler's High And Mighty
AMCH Old Smuggler's Her Highness
SUCH Old Smuggler's On High Heels
SUCH Midnight's Knock On Wood
SUCH NUCH Midnight's Knock Out
SUCH DKUCH Midnight's Keep On Knocking
NORDUCH Ballyhoo's High Time For A Hero
SUCH FINUCH Dyneema's Cim-Obsession
NV-95 INTUCH SUCH NUCH DKUCH Alistair's Ironside
FINUCH ESTCH Alistair's Imaginary Sweetie
NORDUCH INTUCH Alistair's Sweet Illusion
NORDUCH INTUCH KBHV-96-97 EW-97 SV-97 Midnight's Let's Rock'N'Roll Again
SUCH NUCH Artix On The Rocks
NORDUCH INTUCH Taildown's Once Upon A Time
SUCH NUCH Taildown's Tough Act To Follow
NUCH Taildown's I Have A Dream
INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-00-02 NV-00-01-02 KBHV-01 Taildown's To Be Or Not To Be
NORDUCH INTUCH Rivermeadow's Highway Star
SUCH Rivermeadow's Star Commander
NORDUCH WW-98 Lärkängen's Dreams Will Come Alive
SUCH Sannaheden's Classic Queen
NORDUCH INTUCH NUCH VDHCH Alistair's Pick And Choose
SUCH Funbeeco's Busy As A Bee
FINUCH SUCH Funbeeco's Bee-Happy
SUCH NUCH Movitz Philosophical Poet
SUCH NUCH Alistair's X-Ellent News

GERCH Potterdale Image

sire GBCH Potterdale Philosopher
dame GBCH Potterdale Premonition

d.o.b. 17/01/1992
owned by

MULTICH Hooper Black Cerny Faun
DtCH VDH A Ray Of Sunshine Gentleman
DtJCH Lucky-Goblin California Dream

NORDUCH NORDW-97 Potterdale Exellence

sire GBCH Potterdale Premier
dame Potterdale Pollyanna

d.o.b. 04/10/1992
owned by Carina Jansson, Woolpack's, Sweden

SUCH Alistair's Just For Fun
SUCH DKUCH Alistair's Just A Zweetie
NORDUCH Woolpack's Gooseberry-Muffin
SUCH Soundtrack's Da Capo
SUCH Soundtrack's Dartan Young
SUCH FINUCH Woolpack's Knickerbockerglory
SUCH Woolpack's Power Of Love
NUCH Angie's Example
NUCH Angie's Extraordinary
SUCH FINUCH Heather Mist Here Comes The Sun
SUCH Heather Mist Hot Stuff
SUCH NUCH Heather Mist Hooked On A Feeling
NORDUCH INTUCH KBHV-99 Heather Mist How Will I Know
SUCH Heather Mist Hungry Eyes
FINUCH Heather Mist Hunky Dory
INTUCH NORDUCH Nickelbys Miss Saigon
NORDUCH INTUCH Valltorpets Elaine Paige
FINUCH LTUCH LTUV-99 LTUV-01 Memorylane I Want Some Action
FINUCH Memorylane I Eat Tigers
FINUCH Memorylane I've Got Rhythm
NORDUCH INTUCH Highflying Lady In Disguise
SUCH Alistair's Rhapsody In Black
SUCH NUCH Alistair's Remember Me
SUCH Soundtrack's Expensive Ex
SUCH NUCH FINUCH INTUCH Isblommans Alice In Wonderland
FINUCH Lawnlake On The Rocks
FINUCH Lawnlake Only Onion
SUCH Goonie's Dream Poem
SUCH FINUCH Isblommans Man of Fashion
SUCH DKUCH NUCH Farmarens Rough Diamond
SUCH Alistair's Walk Right On
NUCH Alistair's Well Done
SV-02 NORDUCH INTUCH SV-04 Lärkängen's Just The One And Only
MULTICH Double Scotch Black Man In Black

NORDUCH NORDLCH UWW-94 Potterdale Duty Free

sire GBCH Potterdale Privilege
dame GBCH Potterdale Psalm

d.o.b. 07/02/1993
owned by Hilde Didriksen, Certified, Norway

NUCH Certified Delight
NUCH SUCH Certified Decoy
NUCH Certified Just In Time


sire GBCH Potterdale Conclusion
dame Gillaber Caledonia At Potterdale

d.o.b. 01/05/1993
owned by Tarja Löfman, Lawnlake, Finland

FINUCH Kincaddy Noon Wine
FINUCH Kincaddy Nightshift
FINUCH Kincaddy Neverendig Love
FINUCH Metsänhaltijan Challenger
FINUCH Hill Trails Ups-A-Daisy
FINUCH Hill Trails Up To The Sky
FINUCH ESTCH Ceetan Brown Yvonne
FINUCH Seasideroses Seabuckthorn
FINUCH Lawnlake Westend Girl
FINUCH Lawnlake Uptown Girl
FINUCH Lawnlake Eastern Guy
FINUCH Lawnlake Backstreet Boy
FINUCH Lawnlake Grazy Drummer
FINUCH Lawnlake Solo Guitarist

Potterdale Alistair

sire AMCH CANCH GBCH Sammara Standing Ovation
dame Potterdale Pollyanna

d.o.b. 23/04/1995
owned by Glücksalm, Germany

SLCH AJCH Firstprizebears Y'roscoe
NLCH BCH LUXCH INTUCH Firstprizebears Y'rodeo Drive

Potterdale Mr Jones

sire GBCH Chriscaro Charlock At Merrythorpe
dame Potterdale Primrose

d.o.b. 30/04/1999
owned by Frank Steen-Jensen, Denmark

SUCH Synvillans X-Tra
NUCH SUCH Quarry's Sweet Georgia Brown

MULTICH Potterdale Miami Star

sire Potterdale Paddington
dame GBCH Potterdale Propaganda

d.o.b. 16/04/2003
owned by Tajana & Dražena Ormož, Sagena, Croatia


Potterdale Star Attraction

sire UK CH Potterdale Audition For Pattishawl
dame Shenendoa Star Of Potterdale

d.o.b. 30/08/2006
owned by Ann-Charlotte Boman, Hillbacka,, Sweden

SE UCH NO UCH Alistair's Jolly Good Fellow
Alistair's Jump For Joy
SE UCH Hillbacka Xciting Attraction